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Policies for USTA team members and league matches

1. All teams using the Green Valley Tennis Club (hereinafter “GVTC”) as their home court must be captained by a player with Full Summer Membership status at the club. A Full Summer Member is defined as holding a membership category with a monetary value of morning member or greater.  A Green Valley team must be composed of 25% full summer members as so defined.

2. Persons desiring to form a team must notify the USTA liaison of the Board of the GVTC, Brett Gorman, prior to the USTA Spring/Summer Captain’s meeting and must obtain approval from the Board of GVTC to play as a GVTC team.

3.  Non-GVTC club team members will be charged a flat fee of $20 per match for each USTA home match played at GVTC by their team, which will be no more than four (4) matches per league with no right to practice at the GVTC.

4. Each non-GVTC club member can play on a maximum of two (2) GVTC teams each Spring/Summer season.

5. All fees for the non-GVTC club member matches that are played must be paid at the time of the matches to the GVTC team captain, or said representative for the captain.

6. Non-GVTC club team members are not entitled to any additional guest visits to GVTC beyond what is stated in points #3 and #4.  Non-GVTC club team members are not entitled to host any guests visiting to the club. After the time constraints of the league season, team members are entitled only to attend drills and club social tennis events that do not require full membership (e.g. pizza doubles). However a non-GVTV club team member may upgrade their membership to a category of full membership by contacting the USTA liaison and paying the appropriate additional fee.

7. Team captains must submit a roster of their players to the USTA liaison of the GVTC Board prior to the team’s first match.

8. Matches for all Green Valley teams will be scheduled with the prior approval of the GVTC Board. The match schedule should be forwarded as soon as it is available to the USTA liaison of the Board of the GVTC but not later than one week before the start of the league season.

9. Any team that violates these policies may lose its privilege to play at GVTC the following year. All members of GVTC teams, including team members, will be subject to the GVTC Code of Conduct.

10. Members of GVTC who have issues or concerns with the conduct of team matches shall address those issues or concerns to the GVTC Board. Any member of GVTC who disrupts or, in any way, interferes with the conduct of any team match, or who in any way fails to act with courtesy or respect to any member of a visiting team, will be subject to discipline in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Teams Games Wins Draws Losses Points
Example Team 1 0 0 0 0 0
Example Team 2 0 0 0 0 0
Example Team 3 0 0 0 0 0
Example Team 4 0 0 0 0 0
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