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S  U  M  M  E  R    T  E  N  N  I  S   Y O U T H  P R O G R A M    2 0 2 0

Directed by Evgeny & Natalia Pozdniakov

Location: Green Valley TC 429 Crystal Lake Ave. Haddon TWP, NJ 08033

For information call:  609-502-0549




Welcome to GVTC Summer Tennis Youth Program 2020

Directed by Evgeny & Natalia Pozdniakov

Location: Green Valley TC 429 Crystal Lake Ave. Haddon TWP, NJ 08033

We are pleased to announce that Summer Tennis Youth Program will start at GVTC with some new limitations.  We are making every effort to protect our staff from exposure to the Coronavirus and ask that every student and pro follow the new USTA and Club guidelines for COVID-19

GVTC Summer Tennis staff strives to assist every participant developing tennis potential.

There are no age restrictions in our program you can see players as young as five and those full of experience.  Neither does it matter what level of tennis you play.  

It’s because the first and foremost goal of our programs is to bring in you the LOVE FOR TENNIS 

And believe us there is great many ways to do so. Whether you want to improve your technique, your match play, your overall tennis excellence, or JUST TO HAVE FUN, we are here to meet to your requests.

Youth Program runs: June 22 - August 28

 Monday – Friday

9-11:30 am   and   12:30-3 pm


Morning or afternoon session daily - $45.00 weekly - $200.00

Both sessions daily - $75.00 weekly - $350.00

For information call:  609-502-0549 E-mail:


GVTClub Youth Program Guidelines

  • Do not come to the club if you are sick, have been sick in the past fourteen days, or have been exposed to someone who has been sick. 
  • Stay six feet apart at all times when on club property.
  • Bring your own water bottles. 
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and wipes. Sanitizing wipes will be available at the club but please bring your own and use on any common area that you have touched. 
  • The clubhouse will remain closed. You will be able to access the restrooms, clubhouse, or lockers. 
  • Please enter the club through the white gate on the Tap Room side. It will remain propped open to prevent touching. Please do not close the gate.
  • Use hand sanitizer and wipes liberally. 
  • No guests are permitted at this time. 
  • If we become aware that someone that has played at our club has been infected, we will inform those who have been in contact with that person. Should you become sick after playing at the Club, please advise those people you have come in contact with at the Club as a member of the Board.
  • Use your racquet or foot to pick up balls when possible. 
  • The GVTC Board, Natalie, and Evgeny have full authority to enforce these rules. You will be asked to leave if you violate any of these rules.

* Pros will meet your child and walk him/her to the designated court.

* All pros and students are required to wear a mask/face covering outside of the Tennis court.

* No serving as part of a lesson to avoid touching a ball.  

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