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Back in its founding in the 1980s, the Green Valley Tennis Club was formed through the issuance of 100 "shares" of the Club that were sold to interested members.  This means that the Club is "member owned" and each shareholder owns 1/100 of the Green Valley Tennis Club.  Shareholders oversee the operations of the Club through its Board of Directors and also receive benefits at the Club.  At times, shareholders look to sell their share in the club and the Board of Directors facilitate these sales to newer members to ensure the Club remains a vibrant and fresh place for all members.  If you are interested in becoming a shareholder, please contact us through the contact page.   

Through the shareholders, a Board of Directors is elected to run the day to day operations of the Club.  Each Board member holds knowledge and experience in a unique area that is beneficial to the operation of the Club.  The Board Members serve three year terms and hold an annual shareholder meeting where all aspects of the Club's operations are reported out to the shareholders.  Below is a listing of the current Board of Directors.  

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